Immigration Advice in the University

Note: This page is intended to provide University staff with information on the provision of advice. For students (and prospective students) wishing to learn more about the points-based visa system for entry to the UK, please refer to International Student Advice and Support.


Regulation of immigration advice and services

The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (the Act) made it unlawful for anyone to provide unregulated immigration advice or immigration services.

Under the above Act, it is a criminal offence for anyone to give immigration advice unless they are registered as an Immigration Adviser and/or are exempt from the requirement to register.

The University and Loughborough Students’ Union are covered by a block exemption granted to the education sector. Regulated advisers and those working in exempted organisations may only provide immigration advice and services in accordance with the Code of Standards set by the Immigration Services Commissioner. In order for the University to comply with the Code of Standards advice can only be given by designated advisers. 

The names and contact details of the designated advisers are provided below.  In order to comply with the legislation it is imperative that any other member of staff at Loughborough University does not give what could amount to immigration advice or immigration services.

‘Immigration advice’ and ‘immigration services’

For the purposes of the Act ‘Immigration advice’ means advice which:

  • relates to a particular individual
  • is given in connection with one or more ‘relevant matters’, including:
    • UK visa applications or applications to extend or vary immigration permission, in any category
    • Work permits/Certificates of sponsorship for employment purposes
    • UK citizenship and nationality
    • EU citizenship

‘Immigration services’ means the making of representations on behalf of an individual in connection with a ‘relevant matter’ to a Minister of the Crown or Government Department or in proceedings before a court or tribunal.  This could include, for example, writing a letter expressing any opinion on a student's situation in relation to the immigration rules or how the Home Office UKVI should view a particular application. 

Staff may provide a general information and signposting service including handing out a leaflet to a student or referring them to an appropriate adviser, but giving specific information to an individual about their immigration situation will constitute advice for the purposes of the Act and must be avoided.

Letters confirming a student’s situation

The provision of standard letters containing statements of fact relating to a student's enrolment, registration or academic progress are not subject to regulation. The University’s policy is that such letters may only be provided by staff in Student Records or the Research Student Office.

What about letters relating to admission and registration?

Letters relating to the admission of students for entry clearance and leave to enter the UK are issued by the respective Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions Offices and by the Research Student Office.

How should a Department deal with students seeking immigration advice?

Students should be referred to the Student Advice and Support Service for advice from one of the designated advisers. It is essential that advice is only provided by these designated advisers. This will ensure that any immigration advice/services are supplied in accordance with the Code of Standards. It is imperative that we adhere to the code for the University to retain its exemption, so that students and their dependants can continue to receive free, impartial and specialist immigration advice on campus relating to their stay in the UK.

Who are the designated immigration advisers?

Martin Matthews
Louise Waldron
Andy Deane
Gail Langton
Alice Brennan
Shivani Sharma

Student Advice and Support Service
The Bridgeman Building [map]
Tel.: +44 (0)1509 222 058

The Student Advice and Support Service does not offer immigration advice or services to staff, academic visitors or sponsored researchers.

All queries regarding the university’s employment of international staff and sponsored researchers, and visitors including academic visitors, should be referred to a Human Resources Adviser:

Sue Bruce, ext 228028 Email:

Joanne Arno, ext 223792, email  

Anne Lamb, ext 222168, email