Student Village Project

Active campus

An artists' impression of the active campus

Here at Loughborough, we want the campus to reflect the inspirational sporting and wellbeing activity that goes on throughout the year.

By altering the physical, technological and environmental features on-site at the new hall of residence, we aim to:

  • Create an active setting encouraging wellbeing and fitness engagement
  • Link the new hall with the wider campus and facilities
  • Positively promote and respond to the existing vegetation, landscape and ecology on campus.

Focusing on these three key areas a range of physical features, technological and environmental features will be incorporated into the area of the new hall of residence. These include:

Physical features

  • Traversing walls elevated onto the end of accommodation blocks up to 3m high with a number of different handholds to suit different training and development levels.
  • An additional boulder wall with challenging routes and a soft surface ground for users to try out, whether they are beginners or more advanced.
  • An active courtyard including a number of informal and relaxing areas to encourage engagement in sporting activity. These will be available year-round facilities and can also be used for social functions. Students will be able to relive their childhood with two adult playgrounds to include equipment such as swings, see-saws and climbing nets. There will also be a ball games area and a fitness wall for other recreational activities.
  • Outdoor furniture such as sofas, benches and dining areas. These will be placed around sunny leisure zones to create more inviting places for people to sit and socialise, hold a work meeting or just to relax.
  • Two permanent barbeque grills placed onto raised workspaces to encourage dining alfresco and social engagement.
  • Informal and gentle exercise stations and stretching zones. These will be placed with allocated space for boot camps and appropriate equipment for all to enjoy.
  • A running track circuit surrounding the residential buildings to encourage fitness participation at a level to suit the individual. 

Technological features

  • Lockable and external plug sockets within all of the study and social spaces so students, staff and visitors are able to charge their devices easily and efficiently.
  • Wi-Fi with USB charging points available on and around the furniture and facilities.

Environmental features

  • Plants and greenery to help protect and provide habitats for high priority species such as the Black Hairstreak butterfly.
  • Green and brown roof systems to provide natural food sources and homes for a number of species which will increase biodiversity on the campus.

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