Annual Review2015/16

One year. One Loughborough.

Every year at Loughborough, our people come together, they work together, they progress together, they look forwards together, and they achieve great success.

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Professor Robert Allison

Professor Robert Allison Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University

An introduction from the Vice-Chancellor

An effective team is a group of people that act and work together in the interests of a common cause. It is a group that works collectively to achieve the same goal. There may be multiple individual goals beneath that, but the end goal is the same.

Working together is a crucial part of any business. At Loughborough University, working together and partnership is our business. There are multiple teams, groups and individuals across campus; who come together to deliver everything that Loughborough is today.

I don’t just mean teams that make up our professional services and academic structure. We have the team at Loughborough Students’ Union, a group of graduates and students working together to deliver the best student experience for our entire student body. Teams of volunteers and teams that fundraise to support good causes. We have research teams with individuals from multiple academic departments. Staff that work with external partners, effectively creating new teams beyond the campus boundaries. Sports teams. The friendships and alliances that our students make with other students from their course or in halls, or with the academic staff they come into contact with, all create further teams with goals and ambitions.

The University is a network of collaborations. Collaborations that have a joint pride and passion for Loughborough. Collaborations that have their own objectives but ultimately contribute to making Loughborough University one of the UK’s premier higher education institutions.

Henry Ford once said, ‘Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success’. This year, and every year at Loughborough, our people come together, they work together, they progress together, they look forwards together, and they achieve great success.

This review celebrates our working together ethos and shares some of the great things that have been achieved as a result. It shows how all the things that happen across the entire Loughborough network, all fit together to create something that I believe is truly exceptional.

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Teaching and learning

Our students are our partners. They work with us to co-create their educational experience, for their own benefit and that of future Loughborough students.

From the day they arrive at Loughborough students are encouraged to be involved in shaping the development of their course and university experience.

This in turn helps us to deliver a high quality teaching experience, and offer opportunities for our students to further their skills and knowledge.

Partnership sits at the heart of our culture here at Loughborough, and is a driving force behind the success our students enjoy.

Student experience

Loughborough offers students a truly unique experience. But what’s behind the success of this award winning experience? A unique relationship with our Students’ Union. This close working relationship has given Loughborough an exceptional cohesiveness that really benefits our students.

The success of our student experience isn’t just down to this one unique partnership though; the partnerships that are formed across our student body are what make it truly exceptional – groups of volunteers, fundraisers for RAG, the second families formed through Halls, sports teams, course mates, and groups across various societies.

Campus development

Our Loughborough campus and its facilities have long been one of our greatest assets, and of course our London campus now adds to this.

We work hard to ensure that all our facilities, new or old, are impressive, accessible and well maintained. This high standard is a reflection of the hard work from many teams and individuals.

Everyone’s role is just as important as the rest; from the initial idea to putting plans in place, raising the funds to physically building the facility. Every contribution counts.

Construction has started on some significant campus developments over the last year or so, whilst others have been finished and opened for the benefit of our students and staff.


Collaboration is what makes things happen at the University. Things that have a lasting impact.

STEMLab is a landmark project for the University, which is the result of a vast number of individuals, teams and partners coming together to make the project happen. Whether it was putting the initial plans in place, or managing the needs and requirements of all involved to create a space fit for purpose; every party contributed and played an essential role. This collaborative effort will create a £17 million state-of-the-art learning facility; a legacy that all associated with it will benefit from for years to come.

Research excellence, powerful partnerships

Research at Loughborough is built on partnerships. Throughout our history we have worked with some of the world’s leading organisations, responding to the issues they face now and in the future. Such powerful partnerships are making a real difference to the world.

Our research depends on a number of other partnerships too. Cross school teams delivering multi-disciplinary projects, and projects with other universities. Researchers working alongside technicians. Researchers working with students. The results we deliver would not be possible without this intricate network of people, who support each other and work together to deliver relevant research that contributes significantly to society.


Through our enterprise activity, partnerships bring success.

Our Science and Enterprise Park brings together over 60 high-tech start-ups, R&D divisions of global brands, and national sports organisations and governing bodies. They partner with each other to explore new opportunities and share best practice, and take advantage of the University’s knowledge base. These partnerships enhance the relevance of the University’s research, and boost the employability of our students and graduates.

Working together for mutual benefit is also at the heart of our student and graduate enterprise activity. Whether it‘s a group of current students developing their ideas, or graduates starting up new businesses in the Studio, they support each other to thrive.

There is a sense of community across all our enterprise activity that inspires creativity and success. The collaborative goal of this dynamic community? To drive innovation and create impact.


We are proud of our hard earned reputation for sport. Our constant focus is on ensuring every student has the opportunity to get involved regardless of experience or ability. These opportunities allow them to meet new people, gain valuable qualifications, develop skills, and enjoy experiences that are, quite simply, life shaping. Whether they’re playing or organising sport at Loughborough, our students contribute to the success and reputation the University enjoys.

Our sporting set up includes national performance centres for athletics, cricket, netball, swimming and triathlon, and our programs and world class facilities provide the very best experience for everyone.

Our campus is home to world class athletes and coaches, as well as many important national sport partners including 15 national governing bodies of sports, all of which show the incredible alliance between Loughborough and world leading sport.

Supporting our sporting heroes in Rio

The Olympic Games in Rio were a significant fixture in the sporting calendar for 2016. The Loughborough family was represented strongly, with students, alumni, and Loughborough based athletes, competing and conquering all at the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Loughborough University London

Our London vision has now become a reality, with the first cohort of students having started and graduated at Loughborough University London.

Plans for the landmark project for the University started back in 2010. It has been a long but hugely rewarding journey to get to this point, and everything that has been achieved is a result of the hard work and dedication of all those involved.

Here’s a sample of what we achieved during our first full year in business:

Community engagement

Our purpose isn’t just the education and experience we deliver to students, or the research we develop, it’s about our place in the local community and how we work with them to develop a relationship that is beneficial to both sides.

From funding for local projects to engaging the community with events on campus, we work with the community to bring opportunities to the area and ensure the University is an asset to the town.

  • School Games 2016

    Wheelchair basketball game

    This four day event brought together 1,600 young athletes from across the UK, to compete across 12 sports, in an event that replicated the experience of a major sporting event, providing them with a unique insight into the world of sport. All this was made possible by the joint efforts of the University, various sports governing bodies, the National Lottery and an army of volunteers.

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  • Community Donations Fund

    Group photo of project personnel

    This fund has been supporting local groups and projects since 2009 and as a university we were delighted to support even more this year. All the projects do exceptional work within the community, but often face financial difficulties, which is where we partner up to support them.

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  • Market Town

    Market trader at stall Play

    Aimed at redefining the role of the town centre to ensure its long term future, this project was delivered by LU Arts, with support from the local community, to run a string of activity and events that used art and critical debate to regenerate the high street in Loughborough.

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One year in two minutes

Make it happen at Loughborough

Do you aspire to achieve great things? At Loughborough we can work with you to make your dreams a reality.

So whether you’re a prospective student in need of the necessary support to take your career to the next level; a professional looking for an environment where you will be supported to develop and progress; or an organisation looking for a partner with expertise, incredible facilities, direct access to graduate and student talent, and a vast array of contacts, connect with us to make your future happen.

Study in Loughborough Study in London Partner with us for research Join the Science and Enterprise Park Support our community work Collaborate with us Reconnect through the Alumni Association

This review presents just some of the University’s highlights from the last year. For further details and a full overview of the University’s performance during the financial year for 2015/16, download the Financial Statements below.

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