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The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) explained

The teaching at Loughborough University has been awarded ‘Gold’ in the most recent Teaching Excellence Framework, known as ‘TEF’ for short.

What is the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)?

TEF is the system through which universities’ teaching quality is assessed and rated. It aims to provide clear information about where teaching quality is best and where students have achieved the best outcomes.

As part of the TEF assessment, universities had to submit a document to the national Higher Education Funding Council to demonstrate their excellence across three broad areas: Teaching Quality, Learning Environment, and Student Outcomes and Learning Gain. The submission was assessed by an independent panel of students, academics, education experts and employers.

In awarding Gold, the TEF panel highlighted that Loughborough had scored highly in terms of retention and progression of students to highly skilled employment or further study.  In addition, satisfaction with teaching, assessment and feedback, and academic support were all notably above the sector benchmark for these areas.

The TEF Panel also highlighted key aspects of the University’s submission as: 

  • The opportunities for students to undertaken industrial, professional or international placements, combined with employer input and engagement ensured through programmes
  • Specific and dedicated staff resource that is allocated to provide in-depth careers guidance, employability skills and development, and placement and work- based learning support for students
  • The culture of personalised learning on campus that ensures all students are significantly challenged to achieve their full potential and acquire knowledge, skills and understanding that are research-led and most highly valued by employers
  • Students’ agreement about their contribution to the close partnership between the University and Students’ Union, which ensures that students take charge of their experiences with academic and co-curricular opportunities that can enhance their learning while preparing them for the wold beyond the University
  • A comprehensive pastoral and academic tutorial programme that enables and maximises retention, progression and attainment
  • An embedded culture of reward and recognition for teaching and learning, which is linked to promotion criteria.  Teaching is celebrated through a number of internal and student-led teaching awards with an emphasis on learning and teaching informed by research
  • Outstanding physical and digital resources for students, with strategically driven investments decided in collaboration with students and stakeholders.

 Loughborough’s full submission is available  from the link below:

Highlights from Loughborough’s TEF submission

Partnership with students

The staff and students at Loughborough work closely together to shape the delivery and ongoing development of teaching at the University. Lewis Wood, the Executive Officer for Education at Loughborough Students’ Union has blogged on the importance of a staff-student partnership for excellent teaching.

  • We have almost 500 Programme Reps and 21 Programme Presidents, who liaise between the students and the University to enhance teaching and learning on all courses
  • Nearly 300 of our students are Peer Support mentors, who provide help and guidance to their fellow students

Employer engagement

Employers value the skills our students gain through the quality of the academic courses and the wide range of extra-curricular activities they undertake.

  • There are industrial, professional and international placements available on all our undergraduate programmes
  • More than 1,500 students are involved in extra-curricular enterprise activities

Curriculum enrichment

 We work with local, national and international companies and organisations to provide our students with opportunities to participate in active, real-life research, design and business projects.

  • Nearly 50% of our undergraduate programmes are accredited by a Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body
  • Our students can use a Loughborough-developed system to rate one another’s contributions in group assignments

Physical and digital resources

 We continuously develop and enhance the buildings and facilities on campus to support our students’ learning. Find out more about STEMLab, one of our newest developments.

  • £41.9m has been invested over the last 3 years in new teaching and learning developments
  • Almost 900 students took part in the ‘Rate our Space’ survey, helping to shape future developments in learning areas on campus