Undergraduate study


"Loughborough presented a place within a community rather than just an education."


Year of Study



MEng (Hons)

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

The degree offers the flexibility to choose where you want to specialise while you’re studying so you don’t have to make the decision before University. The skills learned are applicable to so many contexts that you have the choice of any career path once you graduate.

What attracted you to the University in the first place?

Loughborough offered a complete student life whatever you’re interested in and the support and facilities are all in once place for all sports, societies and studies. The Department felt like it was a part of this much more than equivalent departments at other universities. Loughborough presented a place within a community rather than just an education.

What do you enjoy about your course?

The gradual progression from a full timetable of contact hours to increasingly independent study over the period of 4 years meant that it was really easy to adapt from life at school. I have never felt entirely out of my depth so have been able to constantly improve myself and my work. The course is also really flexible so I’ve been able to choose modules from other departments that complement my final year project.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

The quality of teaching in the Department exceeds the standard of other departments. The lecturers are always available to talk to and they use the online learning portal really effectively so revision is easy. The Department always takes student requests into consideration and the improvements to the labs that we suggest are often implemented.

Do you have a particularly favourite project/module on your course? Why did you enjoy it?

The final year project is my favourite module because I’m working in an area that is relatively new which is really exciting. I have been given the freedom to decide the project requirements myself and have chosen other modules that will complement this work.

What are some of the exciting/different things you can do on your course?

Systems Engineering is applicable to every industry so there will be an area of interest for everybody. You get to interact with a whole range of traditional engineering disciplines and understand how they interact with each other.

Have you completed a placement whilst at University?

I have completed a placement year working for Accenture. I found that there is a high demand for Engineering in Business which meant that I was given a large amount of responsibility. Since returning to Loughborough, I have engaged more with the module content as I have been able to drawn on my own firsthand experience. This has motived me to spend more time on my studies and has led to a large improvement on my grades.

What do you hope to do when you graduate, and how will your Loughborough degree support this?

I hope to join the Armed Forces as an Officer when I graduate. Systems Engineering will support me as it has given me the ability to understand the impact that decisions I make will have upon myself, the team or the environment I’m in.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

Systems Engineering is one of the most high demand skills in industry today so is well worth your time.

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

The Loughborough experience is whatever you make of it. There is no limit as to what you can achieve and there are people here that will support your interests. The sport, activities, study and socials all work together at Loughborough so everybody is really busy but having a great time. I am a member of East Midlands University Air Squadron and have travelled the world with them doing loads of adventurous training, sport and flying whilst studying. I have also represented the University in athletics and have competed for the best hall (Bill Mo!) in a whole range of other sports.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Loughborough University student?

There is always something going on here, there is never a quiet day on campus and you can be part of it for every year of your course. You don’t have to move away in to a house in town if you don’t want to so there is a really strong community spirit here in Loughborough.