Undergraduate study


“Across all three years of the course, students have plenty of choice and freedom in terms of which modules they choose, therefore allowing you to really tailor your course to your preference.”


Year of Study



BSc (Hons)

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Loughborough is consistently ranked within the top universities across the whole of the UK to study Sport and Exercise Science. Aside from the excellent reputation Loughborough holds to study Sport and Exercise Science, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus upon visiting. It was busy with many sporting events, and the undeniable unity within halls was an unexpected, yet reassuring surprise. It was clear that there was a real sense of community not only within halls, but also across the whole campus. The facilities for both sporting participation and learning are fantastic and the support you are offered is endless, which helped the whole process seem less daunting.

What do you enjoy about your course?

Across all three years of the course, students have plenty of choice and freedom in terms of which modules they choose, therefore allowing you to really tailor your course to your preference. Options range from teaching modules to biochemistry. In year two you will only have two compulsory modules. In year three however, there are no compulsory modules, and you can choose between studying modules and completing a dissertation/research project.

I think this is really important, as it allows you to get exactly what you want out of your degree thus helping you down your chosen career pathway. This is also really beneficial if you don’t know what you want to do after graduation; you can keep your options wide open by choosing a variety of modules, covering a large range of subjects. As a result of these vast options, I am studying many of my favourite modules whilst also being at the forefront of new research, helping conduct a project sponsored by Yakult as part of my final year research project.

Throughout all three years of studying, my favourite module has been Biochemistry. Professor Mike Gleeson, an expert in his field, was very wise and explained things in a particular manner, which helped everyone understand very complex and challenging material.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

All of my lecturers are experts in their field, ranging from the natural to social sciences. As a result, you can often put a face to a name when reading journals and research papers as part of further study. Teaching content is the latest and most exciting research and ensures all students have an up-to-date understanding of sport science, which is vital upon entry to the industry.

Have you had any support from the University?

Loughborough offers lots of support; lecturers are always willing to answer questions within the lecture, whilst also being attentive over email, and they often give you the opportunity to visit their office with questions. Each student is also assigned a Personal Tutor, who is very useful when it comes to discussing issues you have regarding your course, or for a reference when applying for jobs. I found my Personal Tutor particularly helpful when it came to updating my CV.

What are some of the exciting things you can do as part of your course?

Studying Sport and Exercise Science gives you the opportunity to study a variety of subjects in the field, ranging from teaching to biochemistry. You also have the option to go on to do an industrial placement for a year, or enrol on other modules from a different School altogether, broadening knowledge even further. You can be active by either participating in sport or studying modules that require you to be in the laboratory, which offers a variety of teaching methods to suit everyone. Interacting with fellow course members makes it an enjoyable and exciting experience, and teaches you how to apply what you are learning.

Have you done a professional placement?

I have been lucky enough to complete work experience with a couple of large Pharmaceutical companies in order to broaden my outlook on the industry. I found these experiences helpful when it came to understanding how it would feel working in large businesses, and useful for networking opportunities.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I have secured a three-year graduate scheme with one of biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, which is due to start in September 2015. As a consequence of choosing my particular modules and completing a research project focussing on the immune system, it means I have a head start for going into the industry. The Careers and Employability Centre helped with CV building, and offered lots of different places to search for a job that would best suit me.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

If you are looking for a career in the sport or healthcare industry, or a job that requires data analysis, this course will be extremely valuable to you. The University and the Students’ Union will do everything they can to support you.

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

Loughborough offers so many different opportunities to join societies or sports clubs; you are sure to find one that you like. If you can’t, you even have the chance to start a society yourself. I am a member of the Consulting Society, which provides networking opportunities with future employers, and a member of AU Athletics. I am a keen long jumper and so this is a great way to spend a revision break and socialise.

What do you enjoy about being a student here?

Loughborough offers activities and enjoyable experiences for everybody, providing a ‘tight-knit’ community for everyone to be part of. I love the feeling of being part of this community, and the campus is great for bumping into friends on nights out or on the way to lectures.

Has Loughborough inspired you?

Loughborough’s mentality helps provide well-rounded individuals, who are all proud to be part of this collaborative environment. It is rare to find another student from a different university that has the same sense of pride for their university that we have here. Loughborough provides international and influential research, and produces graduates who stay active, study hard and enjoy their University experience.