Undergraduate study


“The Students’ Union is the highlight of the University and hosts the best nights out, as well as loads of events!”


Year of Study



MChem (Hons)


Why did you choose Loughborough University?

The course is directly related to the area in which I hope to get a job after I graduate.

What attracted you to the University in the first place?

I was looking for a campus-based university, as it is easier to access the universities facilities. Also the labs, lecture theatres and seminar rooms were well-equipped.

What do you enjoy about your course?

The progression from A-Level is interesting, as you expand on current knowledge in more depth as well as learning new things.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

Each lecturer has a different style of teaching, which is well-suited to the modules they teach. The lecturers always welcome questions and prompt people to ask if they need more help.

Do you have a particularly favourite project/module on your course? Why did you enjoy it?

My favourite module so far this year has been stoichiometry and analytical measurements. The lectures are really well-structured and this is a module that builds upon existing knowledge.

What kind of support have you had in the department and from the University?

This year they introduced PAL, which is where second year students volunteer their own time to help first years, which has proven to be really helpful (especially for maths!) Lecturers are also more than happy to go over material again if you have not understood.

What are some of the exciting/different things you can do on your course?

Labs are almost weekly if not twice weekly, which makes a nice change from lecture theatres. It provides a more hands-on experience, where you can develop individual laboratory skills and gain confidence with experiment procedures.

Have you completed a placement whilst at University?

I plan to do a placement year during my third year at University. I hope this will give me valuable experience in the pharmaceutical industry so that I am better prepared after graduation.

What do you hope to do when you graduate, and how will your Loughborough degree support this?

I’m hoping to leave Loughborough with a good degree and the right skills to enter the pharmaceutical industry with confidence.

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

The Chemistry Society hosts lots of socials throughout the year and many events to keep people involved. I’m also part of the social badminton league, which is enjoyable because there are a range of abilities taking part and everyone just goes to have fun!

What do you enjoy the most about being a Loughborough University student?

During Freshers’ especially, but also throughout the year, you’ll notice the strong community feel that the university has. The Students’ Union is the highlight of the University and hosts the best nights out, as well as loads of events!