Undergraduate study


“Haslegrave is one of the best computer labs I have seen, with new model macs which are quick and available 24 hours a day.”


Year of Study



BSc (Hons)


Why did you choose Loughborough University?

I wanted to experience an environment out of London but also liked the fact that Loughborough is a campus university with everywhere I needed to go all in close proximity of each other. It’s also located only two hours away from London so it’s easy to get to.

I have also always been interested in computers and technology from an early age so with Loughborough’s high career prospects, location and module structure coming here was a no brainer for me. The Computer Science department is also one of the best in the country with the computer labs being super modern, providing us with the resources to achieve whatever goals we want.

What do you enjoy about your course?

I like the fact that the course is not just focused on coding but we look at a variety of different subject areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation to enterprise resource systems. I believe that the blend of different subjects allows us to have a wide skill set which sets us up for the real world.

My favourite module has been the Mobile App Development. This module gave me the opportunity to work in a group and create a mobile app of our choice. We decided to make a lecture recorder which we made successfully for android and actually put it to use.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

I think the quality of teaching is second to none over here with the lecturers being very approachable. The majority of lectures are captured and uploaded online for students to access, so if there was anything that you didn’t understand first time round you can revisit it which is an invaluable resource.

Haslegrave is one of the best computer labs I have seen and it was recently upgraded with new model macs which are quick and available 24hours a day. It enables me to do work in a peaceful environment whenever I want.

Have you had any support from the University?

Whenever I had any queries on something I didn’t understand the lecturers are just one email away. Also the reception staff are excellent in getting rooms booked for group studies and you can usually get a room when you need very quickly just by sending an email.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I plan to attend the new Loughborough campus in London to study a masters and Loughborough offers a great discount package for alumni which I intend to take advantage of.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

Do not hesitate, this course is a really worthwhile degree to do and the skills you will obtain by doing this course will be very attractive to potential employers. If robots are your thing there is a module for you which even enables you to programme one yourself.

Make sure you definitely get involved in some society of interest whether it is sports related or not. There are lots of opportunities here and not a lot of time so make sure you get involved whilst you’re here!

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

Here in Loughborough there are social activities for all personalities whether it involves going out clubbing at night or participating in sports. For me personally Loughborough has catered for my ever-changing needs. I took up American football, which I found to be a great experience and was a place where I met great people from the other players to the coaching staff and enjoyed many successes with the team.

What do you enjoy about being a student here?

I love knowing every day is not going to be the same and Loughborough gives you the opportunity to make every day your own.