Undergraduate study


“Loughborough is an exciting place to study and there is a strong community feel here with loads of opportunities to obtain skills for future endeavours.”


Year of Study



BSc (Hons)


Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Chemistry was my chosen degree as I enjoyed learning the subject during A-level and I wanted to evolve my knowledge in the subject. One of my chemistry teachers in college told me that he obtained his degree in Loughborough; he told me many great stories about the University and what it had to offer, so Loughborough looked promising. My sister had also previously studied here and had good things to say about the University. When I came for the open day, everyone was very pleasant and the course structure seemed interesting; but honestly, overall I wanted an adventure away from London.

What do you enjoy about your course?

It is never boring which is what I enjoy most. I would have to say Organic is a personal favourite of mine, the lecturers make the topic interesting and they are well executed. The nicest lecturer you will ever meet within the department is Dr Weaver who specialises in organic chemistry; he's always a gentleman and very funny - he truly is the best!

I am also currently the chair of the Chemistry society in the department and this position allows me to lead the committee and as a team communicate with all students and staff about the events (sports and social) that we will be organising throughout the year. These activities enable the department to become closer and more friends can be created through these mediums; I am happy being a part of making this happen. It is not only great fun, but also allows first-hand experience for roles such as leadership, communication, organising and deadlines. The skills obtained will definitely come in handy for future endeavours.

Have you had any support from the University?

Health wise I am not at my best and the department are aware of this and the support within the department has been great. I am honestly grateful, lecturers have always asked about my well-being and it doesn’t feel scripted or forced.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to become a physiotherapist; random I know but even though it is in a different field the knowledge I have gained from my Chemistry degree will be really useful to helping me achieve my goal.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

I would definitely recommend Loughborough to others as it is an exciting place to study. There is a strong community feel here due to the astounding bubble that has been created; the experience is life changing.

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

I have LOVED the social atmosphere here at Loughborough, it is honestly the best. There is always something to experience and/or be a part of. I was a member of the athletics club, my sport was shot putt and I had two of the best coaches EVER; they were patient, lovely, funny but most of all welcoming.

The best part about being a student here is meeting and interacting with people from different walks of life; I truly embraced the lifestyle and I have made lifelong friends, it’s been AMAZING!!

Has Loughborough inspired you?

Loughborough University will always have a special place in my heart; it has empowered me in the sense that anything is possible.