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“When people ask me which University I study at, I can stand up tall and proudly say ‘Loughborough University’ with a big smile on my face, as its one of the top Universities in UK and I am very grateful to be part of it!”


Year of Study



BSc (Hons)

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Loughborough University has a strong reputation for its construction/engineering subjects and the facilities available for the course I take are brilliant!

What attracted you to the University in the first place?

The AEDM course itself. Initially I was applying for just Architecture courses but when I came across AEDM, the range of different study areas and modules available were something different that caught my eye!

Also, when visiting for the open day the level of diversity across the University as well as the beautiful campus was appealing.

What do you enjoy about your course?

There are a wide range of interesting modules available and different assessment methods that include group work, presentations and individual coursework. Meeting new people and making friends has allowed me to showcase my own skills as well as learn new ones from my peers. Giving presentations has enabled me to gain more confidence and improve my presentation skills.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

The level of passion from lecturers really shines out and provides high-quality learning. It can be overwhelming to take in so much information but lecturers are very approachable and willing to provide further help. Also, online facilities are available such as notes, additional hand-outs and lecture recordings which are very helpful!

Do you have a particularly favourite project/module on your course? Why did you enjoy it?

My favourite projects are based around sketching and designing buildings, mainly because I am able to use my creative skills on AutoCAD and REVIT. It can be stressful at first to understand how to navigate around the software but the final completion of a building design is really satisfying, so it pays off in the end.

One of my favourite modules has been Sustainable Building Design, where we had to design a building that achieved a low sustainability rating. Sustainability has always interested me so understanding the process of how to achieve low ratings was great. I hope my knowledge will inspire my future career path.

What kind of support have you had in the department and from the University?

The department staff are very helpful, especially student support staff and lecturers. My personal tutor has been very supportive throughout my time at Loughborough.

What are some of the exciting/different things you can do on your course?

A hands-on, simulated project at a real construction site was a great way to gain understanding of real-world application within the construction industry.

What do you hope to do when you graduate, and how will your Loughborough degree support this?

I hope to secure a graduate scheme job to gain experience for a few years. I would also like to enter the property development market and potentially see this grow into my own business.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

The AEDM course is very versatile and opens many doors within the industry. It allows you to understand the process of construction from different perspectives.

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

There’s something for everyone to do in their spare time! There are loads of different societies, socials and sports facilities to keep you busy. Everyone is welcome and it’s a very friendly environment.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Loughborough University student?

The course itself, also the facilities that are available on campus as well as online. It can be stressful but the sense of accomplishment at completing work and achieving good marks makes you so proud.

Has Loughborough inspired you?

Loughborough has inspired me to believe in myself. It has allowed me to improve my confidence and increase my passion to achieve my future dreams.