Inside STEMLab

Synthesis Laboratory

Level 2 contains two large, highly-serviced laboratories for teaching physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. Within the Synthesis Laboratory, there are 38 fume cupboards, co-located for efficient and energy saving extraction, which allow students to maximise their ‘hands-on’ experience in all aspects of fundamental chemical principles. Students are able to work at the fume cupboards in pairs, with an open bench for working opposite the fume cupboard. There is a zone at one end of the laboratory which contains additional benches for other experiments and instrumentation.

The fume cupboards in the laboratory are 1800mm wide, with the services mirrored on each side of the hood. There are vented cupboards for the storage of chemicals and a large number of individual cupboards for students to store their own glassware. There are two long benches along the side wall of the laboratory which have been designed to hold Buchi pumps, adjacent to the different banks of fume cupboards.

The Synthesis laboratory is set within a 364/m2 space, with a max capacity of 84 people.