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Equipment in Lab

Microscopy Suite

The Microscopy suite is one of the smaller laboratories in STEMLab, with capacity for 24 people. It can be booked in conjunction with other laboratories, for example, the Materials laboratory or used on its own for classes involving specialist microscopy techniques. It contains primarily optical microscopes together with scanning electron microscopy capability. Some specimen preparation and etching can be carried out in the laboratory, using the built in fume cupboard if required.

The Microscopy laboratory contains a number of identical highly specified optical microscopes such that students are able to use these in pairs. They are fitted with digital technology for recording the images taken and are networked for ease of transmission of the images. In addition, the room houses a benchtop scanning electron microscope equipped with chemical analysis capability for use in the science and engineering disciplines. A benchtop X-ray diffraction machine is also available for use in this specialist environment.

The Microscopy suite is set within a 84/m2 space, with a max capacity of 24 people.