Inside STEMLab

Design Studio

The ground floor of STEMLab has been planned using a ‘design, engineer and build’ philosophy in order to give students a real understanding and appreciation of the design and manufacturing process as an integral part of their degree programme. Within the Design Studio students are able to work either individually or in groups to brainstorm design ideas, and then develop a detailed specification, using the engineering principles which are an integral part of the curriculum.

The tables in the Design Studio facilitate group working, with 6 tables, each with 7 seats. Computers are available at each table for students to use, with wall mounted screens located such that they are visible to all students. There are views to the entrance foyer through large glazed panels and co-location with the 3D printing suite and fabrication and workshop facilities. 

The Design Studio is set within a 130/m2 space, with a max capacity of 42 people.