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Renewables: Solar Power

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Solar Power is currently not scheduled as a Short Course.  If you have an enquiry regarding this please contact Ms Jo Mason.

This course provides an understanding of the facts governing the nature, availability and characteristics of the solar resource at chosen sites and the fundamental concepts of photovoltaics (PV) and thermal conversion. Conversion technologies are examined in terms of design, efficiency, manufacturing options and costs.

This course covers the characteristics of the solar resource and its variability in the context of solar energy systems. It includes design principles and components used in photovoltaic systems; the principles and design of various types of semiconductor PV devices; associated processes and cost considerations for manufacturing semiconductor PV devices;  operational principles of flat plate solar thermal collectors and principles of passive solar in buildings.

On completion, students should be able to design solar PV and thermal systems for optimal energy conversion at a given location.

If you wish, you may take the assessment and accumulate credits towards a postgraduate award.

Students not wanting to take assessment will only need to attend week 1 ( week 1 lectures)

Students wanting to take assessment will need to attend week 1 and week 2 (week 1 lectures, week 2 tutorials, technical visit, coursework write up)

Assessment is by Coursework and Exam.

This module is a component of the MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology.

Course details

Course code
Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Two weeks
Course leader
Dr Jake Bowers
CREST - Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology
Places available


Target audience
Graduate engineers and technical managers.
Previous experience
Graduate engineers or those with appropriate industrial experience.


An individual coursework report (15%) plus a three hour written examination (85%).
15 credits


Course fee
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