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Communication Channels

4 December 2017 - 15 December 2017


This course introduces the practicalities of telecommunication channels, channel modelling, the constraints of the operating environment, ways these constraints are countered and the corresponding tools for analysis.

The module aims to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of telecommunication channels, with regard to the constraints imposed by the operating environment and how they can be overcome. On completion of this module the student should analyse how channels are modelled and contract them, and evaluate the relative merits and cost implications of free space microwave and fibre optic systems. 

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The contents include: The free space channel - Friis equations, antennas, receivers and receiver noise, CNR calculation, fading in terrestrial and satellite links  weather and ionospheric effects, Rayleigh and Mie fading, satellite and optical links, methods of countering channel imperfections - diversity techniques and equalisers.

This module is a component of MSc in Digital Communications, Mobile Communications. 

Course details

Course code
Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Two weeks
Course leader
Dr Gan Zheng
Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
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Target audience
This course is for academic and industrial researchers and engineers who wish to extend their knowledge of communication channels.
Previous experience
To get the most out of this course you will be a graduate engineer or have appropriate industrial experience.


One 2-hour written examination (70%). One coursework assignment (30%) based on a comparative study of a microwave and optical fibre link in demanding terrain with budgetary contraints applied.


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