Postgraduate study

Academic support

We offer all of our students a bespoke induction programme so that you are aware of the wide range of support services that we provide at our London campus to help you with your studies.

Academic support for postgraduate students based at our London campus.

Academic Advisors

When you register as a student at Loughborough University London, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor who will be able to provide support and academic guidance throughout your postgraduate studies. You will typically be invited to meet with your Academic Advisor at least once a semester and you will also be able to contact your Advisor via email to discuss any university-related queries you may have.

Student Support Manager

We will also give you the opportunity to meet regularly with the Student Support Manager who offers pastoral care. We always work in close partnership with you to offer advice on policies and procedures.

English Language Support Service

We have an English Language Support Service (ELSS) which offers a range of online resources for UK, EU and international students who wish to improve their academic English while undertaking their studies at our London campus. 

Entry Criteria for the English language pre-sessional courses

Entry criteria for the English language pre-sessional courses varies according to the School you are applying to. 


At our London campus, we benefit from a wide range of services, including access to over 30,000 e-journals and 100 databases.

Books and other print material will be available on the London campus and you will also be able to borrow over 700,000 books at the Loughborough campus. Library staff will deliver information and study skills teaching as well as provide wider support.

We also offer an Inter-Library Loan service, which provides you with access to electronic articles that are not available from Loughborough University Library. This is a useful service that provides access to thousands of articles from other libraries around the UK and occasionally from overseas that you may need for research purposes. Sometimes these resources can be obtained as photocopies or PDFs which you can then keep.

Located just 15 minutes’ walk from the London campus, you can find Stratford Public Library, which houses a wide range of loanable items, as well as a number of computers with printing and photocopying facilities. You can also benefit from over 120 public libraries across the city, which is twice as many as those in Paris and New York combined!

IT Services

In 2015, we invested in a wide variety of high-quality IT facilities for our London campus. This means that you will have access to online learning and teaching facilities and wireless network access throughout the building.

Lectures will be captured using our Review system, enabling you to revisit lectures and access slides for further work and revision. Access to Windows and Mac computers will be available for both taught sessions and project work. Video conferencing facilities will also be utilised, to link you to partners in industry, as well as various governing bodies and organisations.

International students

We have a dedicated team of people based on campus to help you settle in and look after you while you are here. Student advisors co-ordinate the International Students’ Programme which provides advice on a range of issues including immigration, finance, healthcare, employment and housing.

For more information please visit our International students section.

Loughborough Students Union

Loughborough Students Union (LSU) represents the views of students on both the Loughborough and London campuses. Every student registered with us will automatically become a member of LSU and their services are completely free. LSU drive the Loughborough student experience by providing a whole wealth of opportunities, including fundraising, volunteering and enterprise projects to get involved with. In particular, the Postgraduate Executive Officer and the Global Development Officer will be working closely with you on the London campus to ensure that your voice is heard.

When you arrive at Loughborough University London, LSU will be hosting their own organised itinerary of activities across induction week and beyond to help you settle into student life. LSU believe in representing all students, irrespective of background. They believe that supporting international students is important and encourage engagement with the Global Development Officer. There will be various welcome activities to allow you to meet new people and to get to know the English culture.

More information about LSU student activities, societies and student representation to name but a few, can be found on the LSU London webpage here.

Work opportunities

If you are pursuing a degree-level course then you can supplement your income by working:

  • up to 20 hours per week during term-time
  • full-time during vacations
  • in a full-time work placement as part of your course as long as this does not exceed 50% of the course duration

We will support you to find part-time work by giving you tailored CV advice and mock interview practice with our dedicated Careers Consultant.

Developing your experience

We believe that work experience enhances employability because it is a fantastic way to make your job applications stand out to future employers. Therefore, we have developed the Enterprise Through the Curriculum module, which offers practical work experience and also advertises job opportunities through a regular newsletter.

We also have a dedicated Careers Consultant who can offer career advice, including CV checks and information on where to look for job vacancies.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is an excellent way to enhance your CV and contributes towards both your personal and professional development. From sports coaching, fundraising, or social media managing, volunteering may offer you more career-enhancing experiences than you think. Volunteering opportunities will be offered at various times throughout the year, and will be advertised through the Student Union.