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Printing the fashion of the future

A new project using 3D textile printing could revolutionise how clothes and footwear are produced around the world.

Printing the fashion of the future

The 18-month project, known as 3D Fashion, is developing 3D textile fashion items, designed in collaboration with a major fashion house.

The project is being led by world-leading scholar and Senior Lecturer in Product and Industrial Design, Dr Guy Bingham, alongside global textile and garment manufacturer, the Yeh Group. The production methods adopted by Dr Bingham and his team not only have the potential to reduce waste, labour costs and carbon emissions, but could also influence global economy and trade by encouraging localised manufacturing and production.

Currently garment production generates 1.8 million tonnes of waste material, with 6.3 billion m³ of water used in the process. Using 3D textile printing would enable manufacturers to meet the growing demands for faster and
more ethical fashion, whilst cutting out unnecessary waste and resource.

3D printing is bringing to life what was previously considered to be impossible. This landmark technology allows us as designers to innovate faster and create personalised, ready-to-wear fashion in a digital world, with no geometrical constraints and almost zero waste material.

Dr Bingham