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English graduate launches online platform for writers

English PhD graduate, Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde is the inspiring entrepreneur behind the creative writing and publishing platform, The Student Wordsmith.

English graduate launches online platform for writers
The Student Wordsmith offers budding and established writers the opportunity to share their work with others and build a readership. Since its launch in 2013, the platform has gained hundreds of followers, including writers from a range of genres including poetry, theatre and prose.
During her master’s degree in Creative Writing, Sophie worked with the University’s commercialisation hub, The Studio, to access the resources, expertise and knowledge she needed to develop her business idea. In 2014, The Student Wordsmith was named the overall winner of Loughborough University’s Graduate Enterprise Awards.
Sophie’s vision for the future includes the site being used as an online resource for beginners and graduates in the creative industry. She hopes that The Student Wordsmith will continue to offer networking opportunities, as well as writing workshops and development programmes for those wishing to work in writing and publishing.