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Prestigious gold medal for mathematics professor

Professor of Mathematics Education, Tony Croft has been awarded the Gold Medal by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

Prestigious gold medal for mathematics professor

Professor Croft received the award in 2016, alongside Professor Duncan Lawson, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Newman University. The award was given in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the improvement of the teaching of
mathematics. For over 25 years they have pioneered and championed support for students of all disciplines who need help to grapple with mathematics, statistics, quantitative methods and numeracy whilst at university.

Their efforts have led to the establishment of numerous support centres around the UK and beyond, dedicated to helping university students develop and improve their mathematical and statistical skills. They founded the sigma
Network, a professional association for those working in the field, which offers training, advice and resources. 

Both Duncan and I are deeply honoured and humbled to be awarded these prestigious Gold Medals, which have previously been given to some truly outstanding applied mathematicians. The sigma Network is continuing to grow to ensure students of all disciplines can develop the essential mathematical and statistical skills they need to thrive, in what is an increasingly quantitative world.

Professor Croft