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Fees and financial support

2012 Entry - UK/EU Undergraduate finance

Please note: Unless specified all information relates to students resident in England. If you are resident in another area of the UK or a non-UK EEA country, you should also refer to the relevant 'Information for...' section.

The sections below provide updated details of costs and support options available for the current academic year. You can also find new sources of support such as part-time work and access information on hardship funds.

As a current student the Student Advice and Support Service should be your first stop for advice on general money issues. The Finance Office can assist you with queries on payment of tuition and accommodation charges.

  • Costs to consider
  • Key support
  • Additional support

Costs to consider

As a current student you will be familiar with the costs of studying and living at University. The sections below provide updated figures and information about the costs of tuition and accommodation, as a useful reminder

Tuition fees and course costs

 Annual tuition fee

Sandwich/placement year (taken in 2015/16)



Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching, assessment, and University facilities such as the library, IT equipment and other support services. The annual fee is due at the start of each academic year of your studies but most students choose to take out a student loan to cover this cost and delay repayment until they have graduated and they are earning a salary.

Accommodation and living costs

As a current student you will have an appreciation of the range of accommodation available and have experience managing your finances.

University accommodation

Options for University accommodation and their respective costs are available through Campus Living. The website also gives details of places open to returners and news on when

Non-University accommodation

A range of private halls of residence and rented housing is available through a number of local providers. The costs of this vary significantly and we would urge you to shop around for a good deal.  Advice on housing, including things to look out for, is available from the Student Advice and Support Service.

Living costs and budgeting

Advice on budgeting and managing your money can be found on the Student Advice and Support Service website.

Key support

As well as government grants and loans, you may be eligible for a bursary or scholarship such as the generous Loughborough Scholarship Programme (LSP). Find out more about these as well as placement and sponsorship opportunities.

Loughborough Scholarship Programme

The Loughborough Scholarship Programme (LSP) is a financial package tailored for UK undergraduate students (excl. those from Wales), who are liable to pay £9,000 tuition fees, who fall within a qualifying household income band. The LSP offers support though:

  • Tuition fee waiver
  • Cash bursary
  • Accommodation discount

The value and combination of the support depends on your household income, with those on a lower household income qualifying for more support. Mature students and registered care-leavers are eligible for an enhanced LSP package.

For full details and updated terms and condition please follow the link to the full details.

Student loans and grants

An important source of financial support for undergraduate students are Government student loans and grants. There are a variety of loans and grants available for different purposes, with different eligibility criteria.

Tuition Fee Loan

This covers the fees charged by the University for each year of your degree. The Fee Loan is paid direct to the University.

Maintenance Loan and Grant

Maintenance Loans are intended to help cover your living costs such as accommodation, food and transport costs. The value is between £3,575 and £5,500 depending on your household income and the amount of Maintenance Grant you receive.

Maintenance Grants are also available for to help students meet their living costs. You will be eligible for a maintenance grant if your household income is £42,611 or below.

Additional support

As well as the key support listed elsewhere there are a number of additional sources of support that you may wish to look at applying for. The support options in this section are typically aimed at specific groups of students, or providing emergency support in the event of financial hardship.

Part-time work

Many students use part-time work to supplement their income, though it is important to strike a balance between earning money and your academic work.

A variety of jobs can be found both on and off campus in Loughborough and the surrounding area. The experience gained in part-time roles can also provide valuable evidence of employability to prospective employers.

Hardship support

Even with all the support options available, we appreciate that sometimes unexpected costs, emergencies and shortfalls can occur. Various hardship funds and loans are available to help UK students deal with hardship, though we hope you will never need to use them.

Grants from the Access to Learning Fund may be available to some students who have higher than average costs or experience unanticipated financial difficulties.

Small emergency loans may also be available to help with short-term hardship caused by unexpected emergencies.

Online payments

Information about tuition and accommodation fee payment methods, for current students.

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Student Advice and Support

Advice and support on money issues and managing your budget

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