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How is my graduation data used?

What is my information used for?

Like most other Higher Education Institutions, Loughborough University formally confers awards on students at public graduation ceremonies. This involves the organisation and processing of personal data of large numbers of people both internal and external to the institution. Personal data is processed both prior to the ceremony, on graduation day and, to a limited extent following the ceremony. This includes the ‘marketing' of the ceremony and receipt of data from graduands regarding attendance and ticket requirements.

On the day of graduation, ceremony programmes list the departments, programmes, degree classification and names of all graduands. Names of graduands will also be included on the web and other official graduation merchandise. Official photographers are available for student (and family) graduation photos and videos of the ceremony may also be ordered by the public. We also provide live internet access to ceremonies.

Your name and final award will appear in the official award ceremony programme and promotional material associated with the ceremony.  Students attending the ceremony will also be included in the web broadcast.  The Professional Photographers also publish all photographs taken during the ceremony on their website so that you are able to purchase them online.  If you do not wish your photograph to appear on their website please inform the Graduation Office.

Who will my information be shared with?

The Graduation Office will share information with other University departments and external organisations e.g. Ede and Ravenscroft (gown-hire), Campus Clothing (t-shirts) for the purposes of arranging the graduation ceremonies and associated activities.

The University passes the details of degree results to schools and colleges.

The University will not usually disclose personal information about you to any one other than those mentioned above. This includes your parents, other relatives and friends. If you want us to be able to disclose any information about you to third parties other than those mentioned above, please ensure that whoever contacts the Graduation Office on your behalf is able to quote your University Student ID number and your Data Protection Release Password (please contact the Student Records Office if you do not already have one).

What do I do if I don't want my information to appear in the ceremony programme and/or other publications/merchandise or shared with schools and colleges?

Please contact the Graduation Office no later than a month before the ceremony to inform us of your wishes.

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