Graduate Attributes

Versatile team worker

Collegial and collaborative.

Positive team working is one of the key skills you need to succeed and thrive in your studies and your future career. 

You will naturally collaborate and engage with colleagues on your course, in your sports team, in student societies and groups and in your hall and social life. The collegial nature of life as a student here at Loughborough and at our London campus, alongside actively reflecting on your contributions and adapting accordingly, will help you to become a versatile team player, working with and learning from others to handle all lifes' challenges and opportunities. 

What does it mean to be a versatile team worker?

You are an active team member. You contribute both on course team work and on committees or in a sports team. You respect others and 'pull your weight'. You encourage others to flourish and together you take responsibility for working to a common goal. You build positive relationships and are able to motivate and inspire others to actively engage and collaborate.

How can I develop this attribute?

Think about your previous team working experience; what role did you take in the team? Are you creative, questioning, ‘the voice of reason’ or the completer/finisher? Take the Profiling for Success test to find your preferences.

You can:

  • Get elected onto a committee for a society or in a hall
  • Liaise with other students to organise and event, tournament or fund raising
  • Play sport in a team
  • Reflect on your efforts and contributions in your course team work

"Loughborough students and graduates are fantastic team workers due to the wealth of things they can get involved in on campus." James Taylor, Macildowie Recruitment