Graduate Attributes

Resilient and adaptable

Determined and motivated.

Your personal journey to get to where you are now will already have presented lots of opportunities to develop your resilience, determination and ability to adapt to different situations and challenges.

Being resilient is about learning and working out how to do things better, dealing with changes and viewing problems as opportunities to learn. Your course, your relationships with others, sports and work experiences provide opportunities to demonstrate your determination and motivation, and help to build resilience and adaptability. These qualities are key factors in career success.

What does it mean to be resilient and adaptable?

You’re likely to be able to motivate yourself despite setbacks, learning through failing as well as success, reflecting on what went well and what didn’t and planning a new course ahead. You have a flexible approach and the ability to ‘bounce back’, knowing that most successful people have overcome failures and had to adapt many times before achieving their goals.

How can I develop this attribute?

Try to develop a solution-oriented approach to problems. Work out what you can learn from any situation and how it might work out better next time. Be prepared to help others and take on leadership roles if required.

You can:

  • Consider your last failure - what did you learn?
  • Face your challenges and don’t give up
  • Ask for feedback and reflect on what you hear
  • Take on projects, and support others
  • Get involved and accept responsibility - maybe in student affairs or in your course