Graduate Attributes

Reliable and committed

Getting things done and done well.

A big part of the student experience here at Loughborough is to be involved, and our students get involved and do things particularly well! They raise huge amounts of money for charity every year; Loughborough has won every inter-university sports (BUCS) championship since the competition began; Action volunteers donate thousands of hours in the community every year, and there is a real passion for doing things well – not just doing something but doing it in the best way possible.

Being reliable and committed means being an achiever. You commit to your studies and to your extra-curricular activities, and you tend to get things done, meeting deadlines and supporting shared tasks. Whatever you are passionate about, you’ll aim to be a winner – your studies, your sport, tiddlywinks, whatever! 

What does it mean to be reliable and committed?

Others know they can depend on you to turn up on time and complete what you set out to do. You take pride in working with others and enjoy producing the best results you can. You organise yourself well so you can contribute to a high standard in teamwork and project work, demonstrating resilience and grit by seeing things through from start to finish. 

How can I develop this attribute?

Volunteer to organise an event or be part of a team. Develop strategies and manage your time so you consistently meet all deadlines and, importantly, never give up!

You can:

  • Become part of something where you work with others towards a common goal
  • Join a society, be active, stand for election
  • Represent your department or hall on committee
  • Do an internship or undertake a placement year