Graduate Attributes

Innovative and enterprising

Research-minded and inquiring.

Being enterprising isn’t only related to being an entrepreneur. Being enterprising is about being resourceful, showing initiative and actively working towards your goals. It is also about learning from mistakes, viewing failure as an opportunity to learn. Employers hugely value innovation and enterprising skills in their employees for their ability to solve problems and offer new thinking and perspectives.

Being research-minded means being able to critically appraise and interpret different evidence, and applying research skills in practice

What does it mean to be innovative and enterprising?

You will see opportunities where others see problems and you view ‘failures’ and setbacks as an opportunity to reflect and learn, thus applying a 'growth' mind set. You actively seek out opportunities to research, develop and implement new concepts and original solutions and you use your network to promote and create opportunities for yourself.

How can I develop this attribute?

Be curious - try new things! Take advantage of the opportunities within the Loughborough University network. Enterprising skills include creativity flexibility and being proactive so take the opportunity to practice these. Keep up to date with social, political and economic issues to maintain commercial awareness and spot trends.

You can:

  • Be curious - try new things
  • Attend a pitching workshop (LSU)
  • Take part in the Loughborough Apprentice competition (LSU)
  • Take part in the Think Big competition (Enterprise Office)
  • Run a society in the LSU
  • Organise an event
  • Raise money for charity

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