Graduate Attributes

Competitive high achiever

Reaching potential, demonstrating leadership.

You are studying at Loughborough, a top 10 university. You made the grades – that makes you competitive already! If you get involved in team or individual sports, volunteer on a committee, mentor others – then you are actively demonstrating your abilities and you are working to reach your potential.

But it's not just about sport or collective achievement. You might be achieving your potential in your studies and research; you might be leading a group activity or project.

What does it mean to be a competitive high achiever?

You actively look for opportunities to improve and develop yourself – you understand that personal success is your own responsibility and make plans for your personal development. You demonstrate a passion and drive that inspires others; you know how to get the best out of your team members, demonstrating leadership.

How can I develop this attribute?

Think about which aspects of leadership you need to develop further. How can you demonstrate that you are a leader or consciously working to be your best, reaching your potential? Look at our case studies for further inspiration.

You can:

  • Join a society, be active, stand for election
  • Excel in your course, work well in your team
  • Represent your department or hall on committee
  • Take part in competitions and enterprise activities
  • Attend employer presentations and fairs
  • Seek alumni to network with and ask to be mentored
  • Do an internship or undertake a placement year