Hazlerigg Bike Shed

If you use the Hazlerigg bike shed you’ll know that the lock’s changed. What you might not know is that there’s a track pump, WD-40 and some basic tools in there in case you have a problem.

Planet-X were doing a deal a while back on track pumps so I thought it’d be worth having around… fee free to use.

Kickstarter fun

At the beginning of the month when it looks like the bank account is healthy I sometimes (I stress sometimes) dip into Kickstarter to see what the global impecunious brains trust is up to.

Occasionally there’s bike-related activity. You might have heard about Blaze, the super-bright LED front bike light that flags your approach by projecting a green ‘person on a bike’ icon on the road ahead via laser light. The effect is to give you and other road users a couple of seconds of awareness time. It’s not cheap, but for urban riding it might save your life (or someone else’s). I can’t justify spending £125 on a bike light (I have a Knog Blinder which servers my purposes)

Well, they’ve come up with a rear light called the Burner and are looking for backers on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, they’ve got 1,501 backers generating £96,156 having had a goal of £35,000. At the risk of suggesting you all climb on a bandwagon, I’d say that if you are in the market for really good bike lights, these are worth checking out. I’ve put my name down for a Burner, which I’ll review once it arrives some time next year.