Safety - Good Practice on the road

Tony demonstrating good positioning and appropriate clothing.
  • Obey all the rules of the road - they apply on campus as much as on the public highway.
  • Make your intentions clear, e.g. by signalling at junctions. Be decisive, but not aggressive.
  • Be aware of other road-users, and try to assess their intentions.
  • Use lights at night. If they are battery-powered, it is wise to carry a spare set of batteries for all but the shortest journeys. You can improve your safety further by wearing reflective clothing at night.
  • On cycle paths, ride on the left as on roads.
  • On paths shared with pedestrians, be considerate. A bell is useful to warn pedestrians of your approach.
  • Give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings.
  • Observe the campus speed limit of 15mph.
  • Don't ride on pavements - they are meant for pedestrians only.
  • Don't ride across grassed areas - environment-friendly transport shouldn't be damaging the green spaces on campus.
  • Don't take passengers on cycles that are not designed for them.