Parking your Cycle

The University is engaged in a program of improvement to cycle parking facilities on campus. The main types are:
"Toast racks"
These are racks consisting of 6 hoops. Lock the down-tube and front wheel to a hoop; when used this way, two cycles can be locked to a hoop, facing each other.
Wall-mounted staples
These are fitted to the walls of several buildings on campus. Lock the cycle frame to a staple.
Front-wheel holders
Less secure than other types, but can be used for cycles with front wheels not on quick-release mechanisms.
Locked sheds
Provided at most halls of residence. Should be used for overnight storage. Even when inside a shed, your cycle should also be individually locked.
There is also a secure cycle shelter at the side of Haslegrave building, for the use of staff working in this area of campus. There is space for 20 cycles, and the shelter is secured with a combination lock. Please contact Rich Goodman if you wish to have access to this facility.
New cycle storage (as at early July 2010)
At the rear of Schofield and Sir David Davies buildings there are now new covered cycle stores (aimed at daily parking, not 'long stay'). There is also a new drying/locker room next to the Schofield racks. This is unisex and for staff only, with key code access. Lockers will be available on a first come, first served basis, with a refundable deposit.

When leaving Loughborough for good, don't simply leave a cycle in a shed to rot! If you don't want to take it with you, sell it: there is always a good market for second-hand cycles.
At all times you should ensure that your cycle is not parked where it might cause an obstruction. In particular, consider the need for a clear passage for wheelchair users.