Keep a small collection of tools and spares for minor repairs and adjustments:
  • spanners,
  • allen keys,
  • screw-drivers,
  • puncture repair kit,
  • pump,
  • spare inner tube.
Although many bearings are now sealed for life, a cycle will last longer and feel better if all moving parts are lubricated regularly.
The following shops in Loughborough do repairs and sell spares and accessories, as well as complete cycles:-
  • cogz, On campus opposite Telford Common Room and LUFS
  • Beacon Cycles, 88 Derby Road - 215448
  • Pedal Power, 47 Ashby Road - 269663
  • Cycle Trax, 214 Park Road - 233532
  • Halfords Bikehut, 2 Willowbrook Park, Derby Road - 210301
Info on the web
Shimano has a comprehensive technical document archive.
SRAM also has a technical support section for not only SRAM, but also Avid, Truvativ and Rockshox, which are part of the SRAM empire. There are even SRAMTech videos hosted on Youtube.