Beating the disadvantages

Dangerous roads
Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council are implementing a network of cycle paths, crossings of major roads, and other facilities to make cycling in and around Loughborough safer. Even where no designated cycle routes exist, it is often possible to devise safe routes along side streets. See the map of cycle routes.
Bad weather
The probability of rain in any 10-minute period in this part of England is about 1%. Even when it is wet or cold, modern outdoor clothing will keep you warm and dry in most conditions encountered in this country. However, brakes are less effective in wet conditions, so allow yourself longer stopping distances.
Need to change clothing
Changing rooms and showers are available at the New Sports Hall in East Park and the EHB squash courts in Central Park.  It is hoped that a facility may soon become available in West Park.
Risk of theft
High-security locks, and even alarms, are available to deter most thieves.
Lack of fitness
Cycling to work is an ideal way to get fit and stay fit, without having to find extra time for exercise. Keep the pace gentle at first if you do not exercise regularly.
Need to carry heavy loads
A rear carrier with panniers can carry up to 50 litres, and front panniers can provide further capacity. Surprisingly little extra effort is needed to transport a load supported on wheels. A small rucksack can also be used, but avoid carrying heavy loads on your back while cycling.