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Your development

Planning your development

This section of the website allows you to focus on your development. By using our course A-Z and other development options along with the simple process below, you will be able to plan your development at your own pace, selecting the right training and development opportunities for you.

Identify your needs

Start by assessing what you are required to do in your role; take a look through your job description and speak to your line manager to consider what is needed for you to be able to perform effectively.  You may also want to consider what may be required if you want to progress and develop into a new role. 

Look at your current skills and knowledge base to consider how these map onto what you are required to do in your role. You may realise that you have attributes that you are not able to use in your role which you may want to use more.  Or you may realise that over time some gaps have widened and you may need to take a little time to close them again. Once you have assessed your required and current skill sets you can start to compare the two.

The Loughborough Leadership Framework is a useful tool when identifying your needs; it can help you identify the strengths you have in specific leadership attributes. 

Plan your development

Consider how you personally like to learn; you may be someone who prefers to read and reflect on information, or you may just like to try things out. It is important to remember there are lots of options and development opportunities as well as the traditional approach of going on courses. Take a look at our other development options section for more information.

Once you have identified areas for development and how you like to learn you will need to source the appropriate development for yourself. For example, this may mean booking onto a course or contacting colleagues/external organisations about job shadowing. Where appropriate you may wish to involve your line manager in these discussions.

Review your progress

Assess what impact your development has had on your work, whether it was completing a course, or alternative development such as receiving workplace coaching. At this point it might also be useful to ask your manager or colleagues for feedback.

Make sure you record all of your development on my.HR, all courses administered by Staff Development will be added automatically but you will have to input any other development undertaken. Your learning record will automatically appear in your online PDR system, so it can be discussed in your PDR.