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Staff Development

How we work with you

We encourage and promote development activities for groups of people in departments and sections, where this is possible and meets your particular needs.

We’re sometimes able to link people from different departments and sections together around common themes. This can be a very effective way to get people across the University together, whilst also making sure you receive the level of customised provision you require.

We can offer support in a number of different ways:

advise and act as broker with relevant internal expertise and set up your trainingdesign something for you from scratchtailor any of our existing courses or programmes for youliaise with external providersrefer you to a more appropriate source of helpteam building and development

Initial consultation and needs analysis

We will always suggest an initial consultation with you to help clarify what you want, how this supports your departmental plans and the overall institutional strategy and whether we can realistically help. If we can't, we'll try to refer you to someone else internally who can and failing that, we can often suggest external providers.


With your objectives in mind, we'll prepare a draft proposal for you. Once you have had the opportunity to review the proposal we'll discuss it with you and refine it until you are happy.


We'll arrange the logistics of your event or programme with you, including venue and dates. Usually, we'll provide all the materials. If there are costs to cover (such as venue and catering), we'll discuss this with you as part of the proposal.

Evaluation and impact assessment

An essential part of any developmental process is feedback and evaluation. We'll provide a summary report of collated outputs, evaluation forms and in the case of longer programmes, we'll use the feedback during the programme to make improvements as we go. Afterwards, we'll continue working with you to assess the impact of the learning that has taken place and plan further activity if required.


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