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Members of Confide are available to talk to any staff in confidence about issues of harassment and / or bullying and will offer support and assistance in seeking a satisfactory solution.

They are willing to discuss any incidents or problems, no matter how serious or trivial they may seem.

You can visit the Confide website for more information, email confide@lboro.ac.uk or call 01509 222169.

Counselling & Disability Service (CDS)

Counselling service

Counselling is a process of helping you explore and express your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Doing this usually brings relief and may enable you to make some changes in your life, or it may help you deal more effectively with things that can not be changed.

All members of staff of the University are welcome to use the Counselling Service for up to 6 sessions per year following an individual consultation. Many clients refer themselves for issues such as managing change, relationship difficulties (at home and at work), depression, bullying, anxiety, stress and lack of self-esteem.

Occasionally managers refer their staff to us, however as this is a confidential service we never give feedback to managers or to departments. We adhere to the professional Framework of Ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

For more information visit the Counselling Service website, email ucs@lboro.ac.uk or call 01509 222148.

Disability Office

The Disability Office provides support, advice and guidance to disabled students. We also offer advice to staff on best practice in supporting disabled students in terms of teaching practice, pastoral support and assessment methodology. Staff can also refer students directly to the Disability Office. More information on this is available on the Disability Office website by clicking here. The Disability Office does not provide support to disabled staff members. This function is fulfilled by Occupational Health.

Equality Staff Support Groups

The University is supporting a number of 'Equality Groups' which staff can get involved in. This is a great opportunity to be involved in changing the organisational culture of University life.

 Equality Staff Support Groups

 If you would like to become a member of one of these groups or find out more information please contact:

The University's Equality and Diversity Adviser.


Faith and Spirituality

The Centre for Faith and Spirituality is located in the Brockington Building and includes the University Chapel and the Islamic Prayer Hall.

There is also a 'Quiet Room' for anyone to use, a small specialist library and offices and meeting rooms used by the Chaplains.

The Centre has two main purposes; firstly to provide opportunities for students to explore, learn about and engage with others of similar or different faith perspectives; and secondly the Chaplains operate a confidential 24/7 service to provide support, guidance, prayer or spiritual direction to all members of the University, of any religion or none.

Their contact details, including their home telephone numbers, can be found in the University directory, on the Centre for Faith and Spirituality web page, notice boards in halls and in the Centre or obtained from Security. You can also contact the Centre by email cfschaplains@lboro.ac.uk or phone 01509 223741


The are a number of special interest groups at the University which meet regularly to contribute to changes and improvements in university life. To find out more information about the groups follow the links provided below:

Age Group

Black & Ethnic minority group

Disability group

Religion & Belief group

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (gender) group

Women's group

Part Time staff group

Occupational Health

Loughborough University has an on-campus Occupational Health department based in the Edward Herbert Building. The department can advise you and your manager on work-related health problems and can help ensure you have the equipment you need to carry out your job safely.

If you are concerned about a work-related health problem you can contact Occupational Health directly, or if your manager requires advice on your work-related health they may refer you after discussing the matter with you first. See the Occupational Health website for more information or call 01509 222181.

If you regularly use a computer at work you may be entitled to a free eye test and the University may also contribute towards the cost of frames and lenses. For more information visit the Health, Safety and Environment website and a voucher will be issued to you.

Loughborough University Research Staff Association (LURSA)

A website providing networking and training opportunities for research staff at the university.


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