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Your Induction

Rutland Building 2011

Hello and welcome to Loughborough University from the Director of Human Resources.

I am delighted that you have decided to join the University and we want to make sure you get off to a good start by making sure you know your way around the University and your department.

This website has been developed to you give you and your department guidance on the sorts of things you will need to know as part of your Induction during the first few weeks of your employment.


As part of your Induction you will be given specific information relevant to your particular role by your School or Department. There is an adaptable template of an Induction Checklist 2017/18 to assist your School or Department with this process.

If you are responsible for the induction of staff in your School or Department then please download the template and feel free to adapt this to your needs. To help you provide the best induction possible there are also New Induction Guidance Notes 2017/18 on the best way to put together an Induction.

As part of your induction, if you use a computer in your role you need to carry out training and self assessment of your work station, further information is available here. Please note that there are currently two systems running across the university so please check with your DSE Assessor for your department, which one you are advised to complete. Any enquiries should be directed to the Health and Safety Service.

Induction for Academic and Research staff - Loughborough University works to ensure research, scholarship and/or teaching staff new to the University or in new roles understand and have access to the information and support they need as soon as possible. If you want to know if this applies to you, please go to the Centre for Academic Practice web page for further information.

‌Welcome to Loughborough

We will be welcoming you more formally to the University when you join us for "Welcome to Loughborough". You will automatically be assigned a date to attend this event, where you will get to learn about the way the University works and the future vision. You will also get to meet key members of the Academic Leadership Team and of course get to meet fellow new starters.

‌If you would like to download a copy of the presentations used at this session you can do so here.

Vice Chancellor's Welcome to Loughborough

Video clip - Loughborough University - A Year in Review 2015/16

 The University Structure and Functions Aug 2017 (ILM Level 5 pre-reading)  

If you would like to learn more about the history of Loughborough University there are some short presentations you can watch, dating back as far as 1909 through to the more recent times. The presentations are broken into small sections:

History of Loughborough University - Part 1 (12 minutes)
focuses on the origins of the University

History of Loughborough University - Part 2 (17 minutes)
focuses on the first developments of the campus, the Bastard Gates, Hazlerigg and Rutland

History of Loughborough University - Part 3 (21 minutes)
focuses on the further development of the campus in the mid 1900's

History of Loughborough University - Part 4 (26 minutes)
focuses on 1915 through to the 1950's, with a more detailed look at buildings on campus during this time

History of Loughborough University - Part 5 (17 minutes)
focuses on the more recent history of the campus and the development of Burleigh Court, the Engineering buildings, Holywell Park & many more

These video shorts contain some interesting information about services available to staff. They are all short clips so take a look and see what you can find out!

Video clip of: Nick Slater, LU Arts. Talking about services available to staff.
Video clip of: Stuart Christie, Security, FM   More clips coming soon!


Respecting Diversity

Respecting Diversity is mandatory for all staff and forms part of your probation.

This half day interactive course arises out of the University’s commitment to equality and diversity as outlined in its 2016 strategy and out of a desire to respond to recent changes in legislation.

Bribery Briefing

This online briefing is mandatory for all staff, as everyone should apply the principles of the Bribery Act 2010.

For further details and to start the course: Log in to Marshall's to take the course.


As well as your Induction programme your role will also have a probationary period. Details for academic and non-academic probation scheme. The probationary period serves a two-fold purpose. It allows the probationer to find their feet in a new job within the context of a supportive framework whilst allowing the University, as the employer, to be assured that the new member of staff is "up to the job". In the majority of cases, the probationary period is completed entirely satisfactorily and the appointment is confirmed.

Performance and Development Review (PDR)

Following your successful probation, you will have regular Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs). Guidance about this process can be found following this link PDR. PDRs give you and your manager (or other experienced colleague, in larger departments) an opportunity to discuss, on a one to one basis, how you are progressing. It enables you to take a holistic view of your work content, loads and volumes, to look back on what you have achieved during the past year and agree realistic objectives and development plans for the forthcoming year. The intention is to give you an opportunity to build on your strengths, identify areas for improvement and enable you to perform at your best while working at Loughborough, whatever your role .

I would like to wish you the best of luck in your career here at Loughborough University and hope you enjoy the challenges and rewards that lie ahead. I understand that it can be daunting starting a new job and if you have any suggestions as to how we can make it even better then we want to hear from you.

Rob Allan
Director of Human Resources

Sustainability at Loughborough Online Course

Environmental essentials is a short training course developed to provide a quick introduction to some of the key areas of sustainability and how these areas, the campus and you, our staff and students, interact.

The course introduces Sustainability at Loughborough University, how our ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System helps us comply with legislation, but also what your responsibilities are and how to go about them.

There is a course designed for everyone, both Staff and Students, and by undertaking this course you are:

• Improving your sustainability awareness and knowledge of what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact.
• Helping us deliver the University Strategy of embedding sustainability and social responsibility into all our processes, operations and developments.
• Supporting the development of our EMS by demonstrating evidence of training, communication and continual improvement.

To begin the course go to:




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