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Administrative staff - AdNET

AdNET 29 May 2014 for Administrative staff

The core business of the university is supported by over 550 staff working in various administrative, clerical and secretarial roles.

Staff Development recognises that the skills required to operate effectively in these roles are many and varied. We are working to develop appropriate training and development opportunities to support current skills and offer career growth for the future.

AdNET (Internal network for Administrative Staff)

If you are a member of staff within the Administrative services job family, you are eligible to join AdNET.  

Staff Development aim to host two AdNET events per year which give you as a staff group the opportunity to hear about pertinent issues tailored specifically for your staff group.  These events also give you a fantastic opportunity to network with other staff from various administrative roles across the University.

*** AdNET events ***

The next event will be advertised here.


The most recent event that took place is:

MAY 2015 - Administrative Staff, took place on Wednesday 20th May 2015 and included guest speakers from, Loughborough in London, Change Projects, Agresso and an iTrent update.

DECEMBER 2014 - AdNet 2015 and beyond for Administrative Staff, took place on Monday 08 December 2014 and included guest speakers from iTrent and the Change Project on Paperless meetings. PowerPoint Presentation on Paperless Meetings

Paperless Meetings-Super-users

Elaine e.a.leadley-jackman@lboro.ac.uk VCs office 222482

Jo Mason J.R.Mason@lboro.ac.uk Wolfson School 227554

Terry Everett t.a.everett@lboro.ac.uk Enterprise Office 228628

Quotes from the event:

Was asked to work on new project-new finance office website. I have no experience of designing and maintaining a website-I have enjoyed the whole process. ANON

Clearing the majority of LGPS Pension scheme outstanding queries-ANON

Helping students face to face every day of the week-ANON

I was the administrator for two UG degree programmes, I am now the administrator for seven UG degree programmes-I am coping quite well! ANON

Preventing multiple students from quitting/being kicked out-LUCY

Achieved sign-off on Technology for one project (taken 16 months to get there!)-TERRY

Got through E-confirmation for the first time and paperless clearing, recruiting new UG students-SUZANNE

Using iTrent much more extensively and working closely with HR to achieve better results in recruitment-JACKIE

Applied for EPSRC small grant and was awarded part of it for a School Summer Bursary Scheme-PAT STORER

I organised the 2014 Exciting Engineering Awards Day-MARY TREASURE

I organised a research conference for 80 people using the on-line store-LAURA DALE

First to try paperless meetings with my members of council-ELAINE JACKMAN

Changing Finance Department to keep records in workspace rather than on paper files-JO McOUAT

MAY 2014 - Administrative Staff: The part we play in fulfilling the strategy was held on Thursday 29th May 2014, and included both Professor Robert Allison (Vice-Chancellor and President) and Richard Taylor (Chief Operating Officer) as the key guest speakers.

Feedback and photos from this event can be seen below:

 The part we play in fulfilling the strategy 2014 slide

“Great that Bob and Richard were guest speakers.  Had a good opportunity to network and share ideas.  Feel encouraged/ motivated to take this back to the office and action”

“Useful, concise, inspiring to hear top level management talking so positively about change and improvement!”

“Very interesting – It was nice to feel like we were being listened to.  It was extremely useful in being a starting point for discussion and development with my team”. 

Refreshments 2014 Change Process 2014 slide
Professor Robert Allison talk 2014 ‌‌Richard Taylor Check Plan Do Check 2014
Discussion Group 2014  Discussion Group 2 - 2014

We are always keen to hear about ideas for future events, if you have any suggestions please email us at Staff Development.


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