Academic Quality Procedures Handbook


Code of Practice on Undergraduate Reassessment

  1. This Code of Practice shall be read in conjunction with Regulation XX: Undergraduate Awards.
  2. As a general rule, reassessment shall be available for all candidates in the University's Special Assessment Period prior to the beginning of the next Academic Year. Amendments to Programme Regulations or Module Specifications withdrawing or restricting the availability of the Special Assessment Period shall be in accordance with this Code of Practice and subject to the approval of Learning and Teaching Committee.

    1. A Module Specification may indicate that reassessment of the module is not possible in the Special Assessment Period and that such reassessment will take place when the module is next routinely assessed during the next Academic Year. This shall be exceptional and shall only be permissible where reassessment in the Special Assessment Period cannot adequately assess the student's attainment of the learning objectives of the module, for example the acquisition of practical skills in the laboratory or in the field.
    2. Such a Module Specification may provide that if a mark of 30% or more is achieved in the module, or in the coursework element of the module, reassessment in the Special Assessment Period will be permitted.
  3. No candidate shall be required to be reassessed in the Special Assessment Period. Candidates must decide whether to take their reassessments entirely in or entirely after the Special Assessment Period. If one or more modules in which they have chosen to be reassessed is excluded from the Special Assessment Period under the rules above, then all their reassessments shall be taken during the next Academic Year.
  4. Wherever possible the Internal Examiner for a module shall arrange matters so that reassessment candidates who have registered to repeat an assessment other than by written examination will not be obliged to be present in the University for this purpose. In order to achieve this an Internal Examiner, in consultation with the External Examiner(s) involved in the module, is permitted to set requirements for the assessed work which differ from those set out in the Module Specification. The University will ensure that any reassessment candidate who cannot be excused from attending the University for such an assessment will be aware of this decision.
  5. Notwithstanding the above, the relative weightings of the component assessments of the module (e.g. written examination, laboratory reports, coursework assignments, etc.) may not be changed at reassessment.

March 1998

Edited following establishment of Regulation XX: October 2005