Academic Quality Procedures Handbook

6. Student Support and Guidance

6.2 Special Needs and Disability Act (2001)

In accordance with the requirements of the Equality Act (2010), the University has taken the following steps to ensure that disabled students are not substantially disadvantaged in their studies:

  • The University has a central Counselling and Disability Service which provides advice, support and guidance to disabled students and to academic colleagues working with disabled students. The service also makes recommendations for reasonable adjustments.
  • Academic Schools and relevant Support Services have designated Disability Co-ordinators who are trained and supported by Staff Development and the Counselling and Disability Service.
  • A Guide for Academic Departments has been issued to all academic staff.
  • The Counselling and Disability Service provides regular, University-wide training on disability issues.


Guide for Academic Departments on SENDA - Good Practice Checklist

{formerly Appendix 15}

  1. Is there someone in your department with a specific responsibility for students with disabilities?
  2. Is there a good level of disability awareness amongst staff within your department?
  3. Are administrators, secretaries and technicians given awareness training and kept informed about disabled students in the department?
  4. Is there a departmental policy for conforming to guidance and legislation and for providing evidence to this effect?
  5. Are admissions tutors briefed on good practice in recruiting and selecting students with disabilities?
  6. Are there good links between your department and the relevant university sections (Disability and Additional Needs Service, Exams Office, etc)?
  7. Are there mechanisms for sharing – and updating- information about the needs of students with disabilities?
  8. Do staff in the department share good practice in teaching your subject to students with disabilities?
  9. Do your departmental materials – including your web site - conform to good practice in relation to access by people with disabilities?
  10. Are departmental teaching resources able to be converted easily into different formats?
  11. Is your department as physically accessible as you can make it?
  12. Do senior members of the department model good practice in this area?
  13. Does your department work closely with the student and the Disabilities and Additional Needs Service to develop a plan for working with the student?