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Requesting theses and dissertations

British Ph.D. theses, especially recent ones, are often available free of charge from the online research repositories of various universities.  Loughborough University Ph.D. theses, for instance, are available on the Institutional Repository.  The OpenDOAR website is a useful directory of research repositories in Britain and around the world.

The British Library runs a database called EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service) which (as of 2016) provides access to over 400,000 primarily British Ph.D. e-theses.  In order to download e-theses you must register with EThOS using your Loughborough University email address.  It is also possible to use EThOS to request that a printed thesis be digitized and made available.  This normally takes around thirty days, and is often (but not always) free of charge.  If you request a thesis to be digitized, please check that it is a thesis from a university that participates in EThOS and that the thesis is listed on the library catalogue of the university concerned.

American Ph.D. e-theses are sometimes available online free of charge, but more often they can be obtained only from commercial suppliers.  ProQuest Dissertation Express is an important supplier.

European Ph.D. e-theses can be found using a database called DART-Europe: as of 2016 this provides access to over 600,000 e-theses.

If you require a thesis or a dissertation which is not available free-of-charge from any of these sources, please contact the Inter-Library Loan service.