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17 April 2018

Doctoral Researcher : Finding information for your literature review - theory

About this event

Overview: This session enables you to turn ideas into an effective search strategy and statement. It outlines the current information landscape and takes you through the stages involved in deciding upon and developing an appropriate search strategy, as well as enabling you to create a search statement that you can put into practice immediately after the session. Participants will develop their knowledge and intellectual abilities, so that you will be able to seek and find research material in an effective and efficient manner using the resources available to you at Loughborough University, but also in the future too.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  1. relate the information landscape to their own research
  2. translate their research question into a search strategy
  3. construct and adapt their search strategies to suit their information needs and circumstances
  4. apply different search techniques, e.g. phrase searching, Boolean operators, truncation, wildcards
  5. recognise the strengths and weaknesses of citations for evaluating information
  6. write their own search statement for immediate use in an electronic resource
  7. identify the range of options available to them for obtaining material, e.g. book loans, electronic journal articles, inter-library loans, visiting other libraries
  8. identify sources of help within the University for their information needs
  9. meet and network with other doctoral researchers from across campus

Other information: This session is recommended for all new research postgraduates and relates to the Researcher Development Framework's Domain A - Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities: A1 Knowledge base and A2 Cognitive abilities.

This session is a pre-requisite for 'Finding resources for you literature review and beyond - Practice'.





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