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Library Users Committee

The purpose of the Library Users' Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the University Library and its readers. The Committee meets three times a year and reports to the Information Services Committee.

Library Liaison Officers

Library Liaison Officers (LLOs) are representatives from the schools who, as part of the Library User Committee, are the focal point of liaison between the schools and the University Library. Academic Librarians work closely with these representatives to ensure the Library is offering the right level of support to their students, researchers and staff.

SchoolLibrary LiaisonAcademic Librarian
School of Civil and Building Engineering Dr J Fisher V Franklin
School of Business and Economics J Oliveria (Business)

Dr B Ferrett
L Fletcher
School of Aeronautical, Automotive, 
Materials, Chemical Engineering
Dr G Shama
(Chemical Engineering)
V Franklin
School of Science (Comprising
Chemistry, Computing Science,
Mathematics and Physics)
M Inglis F Ifie (Mathematics and Physics)

A Ashmore (Chemistry)

C Greasley
(Computer Science) 
Wolfson School of Mechanical and 
Manufacturing Engineering
Dr R D Seager A Ashmore 
Loughborough Design School Mrs A Jenkins B Whetnall
School of Sport, Exercise and Health
Dr J Stirrup L Fletcher
Social, Political and Geographical
Dr M Monaghan
(Social Sciences)

M Adams (PHIR)

Dr L Slater (Geography)

N Rush (Social Sciences
and Psychology)

S Reid (PHIR)

B Whetnall (Geography)
School of Arts, English and Drama Dr A Dix (E&D and Arts) B Whetnall (School of Arts)

J De-Lillo
(English and Drama)