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Reading is an important part of the learning process and underlies many of the courses provided by the University. Reading lists form an essential part of this, allowing academics to guide students to relevant material to support their studies. We use an online system called LORLS to manage reading lists.

This system was developed locally and has been made available as open source. The system provides students with up-to-date reading lists and checks availablity of material against the Library, campus bookshop and GoogleBooks. It also allows academics to maintain their own reading lists without having to separately inform the Library and campus bookshop of any changes.

Quick start guide for new academicsAt a glance: anatomy of the reading list screen

Frequently asked questions about reading lists

Q: Why should I use the Reading Lists system?

  • The system automatically alerts the Library to the details of what is being recommended which enables us to acquire and make available the appropriate texts and resources
  • The system includes a dashboard feature from where you can get usage information including the views of your list and whether the items are being borrowed
  • The system presents live availability and the location for each item, eliminating the need for students to re-key the details into the Library Catalogue for this information

Q: Can I access online reading lists from off-campus?

Yes you can although you will need to enter your standard University username and password when prompted.

Q: How do I edit my reading lists? (if I'm an academic)

You can edit your reading lists by logging in to the online system and clicking on the My Lists icon on the toolbar. This will then show a listing of all the reading lists you are associated with. If this listing is incorrect, or you would like further help in creating/editing your reading lists, then please contact Jane Bramley (J.C.Bramley@lboro.ac.uk)

Q: Can I have scanned book chapters/journal articles on my Reading List?

Yes you can, by using the University Library E-Reserve

Q: What is the E-Reserve?

The E-Reserve is a database run by the University Library.  It contains PDFs of book chapters and journal articles which are made available to students via the Reading Lists system.  You use the Reading Lists system itself to request items to be added to the E-Reserve: these items are then made available on your Reading List.  It's quick and easy to use, and the Library will deal with all of the admin.  There are instructions here.

Q: Where can I find out more about LORLS

The LORLS development team maintain a blog which includes a design diary, online demo and documentation about the system.



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