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Wi-Fi - old version

Wireless Technical Setup Details

You will need to join the setup-wifi network. When connected to the setup-wifi, if you open a web browser you will be redirected to a page which will help configure your device.

The instructions given below are only for when this mechanism does not work.

This technical information has been provided for use together with instructions from a device manufacturer. Devices that support WPA2 in Enterprise mode are compatible with the eduroam wireless network.

The connection information for eduroam is shown below. Username and Password are your Loughborough University username and password.

Wireless Network Settings
Security: WPA2 Enterprise (802.11i)
Encryption: AES / CCMP
Authentication: 802.1X
802.1X Types: EAP/TLS (Certificate generated through
Outer Identity:
Password: Password

[leave blank]

(Authentication) Server name: 

Certificate Authority Hash - SHA1 Fingerprint:


You will also need to download the Loughborough University Certification Authority certificate, which is used to verify the RADIUS server you are trying to authenticate against.

This is available in several formats:

If you are unable to download the Loughborough University Certificate, we recommend e-mailing it to yourself and downloading it to your phone using a 3G network.