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IT Services Account Lifecycle

During your time at the University you will have access to many systems that are integrated with your student account. In order for you to fully understand the lifecycle of your account and when important actions will take place the following information is provided for reference. 

The above linked flowchart provides an outline of the stages your account will go through, during these stages key information will be provided and communicated to you.

Account Provisioned

  • Username & Password
  • Login processes
  • IT Use and Governance policies

Student Usage

  • Access to PC Clinic
  • Access to Service Desk
  • Access to linked services and new applications

Graduation / End of Year

  • Information relating to your account & actions required

Expiration Period

  • 30 day expiration window from graduation provided to allow final access to services for the removal of important information


  • Account deleted, no information saved
  • *If you are returning for a further course dependent on which course this is, you will either maintain the same account or be provided with a new account.

During the 30 day expiry period, you should backup all of your documents and once that is complete, un-install any student licensed software used whilst at University when you are no longer entitled to use it as a consequence of no longer being a Loughborough University student. It is your responsibility for ensuring you adhere to all software licensing conditions. It may be that a graduate NUS card entitles you to continued support for some software.

Please also see our Student's Leaving page

If you downloaded the Office 365 suite from the University it will automatically revert to a "Reduced Functionality" Mode (Read-Only and Print) version within 30 days following your user account expiring. Other licensed software will behave in a similar manner and you will no longer have access to the license management services via the VPN.

Email access during this period is essential to ensure the University can contact you about Graduation related activities, to ensure accurate HESA "Destination of Leavers" data, to enable you to update your personal contact information for the Alumni Association, and to conclude any final conversations with your department about project work or providing copies of research if you are a Postgraduate Taught Student.

30 days has been agreed as suitable period to conclude your relationship with the University as a student.