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Data Storage

Connect to your Individual Workspace on your Device:

Your Individual Workspace will already be automatically connected as Documents from a Computer Lab computer.


Click on the Start button, right-click Computer. On the pop-up menu, select Map Network Drive...

2 Screen image: Map Network Drive.

On the Map Network Drive screen, in the Drive: drop-down box, select U:

Select the option Reconnect at logon. This will ensure that the connection is restored every time you turn your computer on.

In the Folder: drop down box enter the path shown below for Windows, and click Finish.

3 Screen image: Connect to stud-fs.

Type in lunet\username (where username is your username) and your University (Active Directory) password. Click OK.

Note: if you don't know your University (Active Directory) password, it is available from IT Services' Service Desk, the PC Clinic, or the University Library.

Note: If you put a tick in the box marked Remember my password, Windows will not ask you to input your password to 'map the U: drive' every time you restart your computer.

4 Screen image: Connect to stud-fs.

Open Computer

Your U: drive will now be mapped to your Individual Workspace labelled U:\. You can access the drive from Computer, under Network Location (1).

If you didn't put a tick in Remember my password, then every time you start your computer you will get a password prompt to reconnect your U: drive. Enter your University (Active Directory) username and password, and press enter.


This is very useful for backing up your essential coursework. This can also be accessed from Computer Labs and the Library if you are working there.


Connect to Server

Click on the Go menu from your desktop and select Connect to Server.

2 Screen image: Connect to server.

Type the URL shown below this box in the Server Address field and alter it so that it fits the following format:

  • smb:// (the x and yourUsername should be in italics)
  • Please use forward slashes (/) instead of backslashes (\).
3 Screen image: File System Authentication.

Click Connect and fill in the appropriate entries as detailed below:

  • Username should be your user identifier (e.g. huabc).
  • Password should be your password.

Note: if you don't know your University (Active Directory) password, it is available from IT Services' Service Desk or PC Clinic or the University Library.

Once connected, your individual workspace will be mounted as a network volume. Depending on your Finder preferences you may find this on your desktop or from the Finder side bar. In order to make it quicker and easier to remount in future you could make an alias to your volume or add it to your favourites.