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Following a comprehensive consultation session in 2004, four security related mailing lists have been created. - This is for general security announcements and is available for the discussion of any security relaed topics with other University IT Support staff. - This list is for Windows specific security amnnouncements. -  This list is for Unix, Linux and BSD based specific security announcements only. - This is for Macintosh specific security announcements only.

To subscribe to any of these lists, you should send an e-mail message to containing the single line: subscribe listname in the main body of the message, where listname is the name of the mailing list you wish to join. For example: subscribe it-security.

We recommend that all IT Support staff should join it-security and then the appropriate list(s) for the computers they support.

Archives of all four lists are kept and can be accessed from the links below:


Reports are given in the following formats:

 If you have any problems, please contact our Service Desk who will be happy to advise further.