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Security and Safety


IT Services recommend the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus suite. The product is free, and provides excellent protection for your computer. The PC Clinic will help you download and install the software if you have problems. 

Installing Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows


Uninstall any other antivirus software

Prior to installing Microsoft Security Essentials, please uninstall any other antivirus software on your computer. See the instructions for uninstalling Loughborough's previous antivirus software McAfee in the above tab. 

2 Screen image; Language and Windows version.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials from the link below

In the web site, you may need to select the appropriate Language and Windows version.

Click Here to download.

3 Screen image: Computer Properties.

Checking the Version of Windows

If you are unsure which version your operating system is, click on the Windows Start button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and right click on Computer in the right hand menu pane. Click Properties. This will open a window which shows you information about your operating system. For example, in the illustration, the Operating System is Windows 7, 64 bit. Windows edition shows that it is Windows 7, and under System, System type shows that it is 64 bit.

4 Screen image: mseinstaller.exe.

Run the installer

Once downloaded, open the program (usually called mseinstall.exe). It will normally appear at the bottom left hand corner of your screen next to the start button depending on your browser.

Select Yes to any popup windows requesting your permission for this program to make changes to your system. 

5 Screen image: MSE Installer initial screen. Screen image: Ready to install.

Click Next and accept the License Agreement

Click Next and ensure that you agree with the Microsoft Software License Terms and click I accept.

6 Screen image: Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Do not join the Customer Experience Improvement Program

Select I do not want to join the program at this time and click Next.

7 Screen image: Optimize security.

Ensure that the Firewall is switched on

Accept the default to switch the Firewall on and select Next.

8 Screen image: Ready to install.

Click Install and Wait

Assuming that you have uninstalled any other antivirus programs, click Install.

Please now wait while this wizard installs Security Essentials on your computer. This might take a few minutes.

9 Screen image: Restart now.

Restart now

Once the installation is complete the screen will ask you to restart your computer. Click Restart now.

10 Screen image: Security Essentials is scanning your PC.

Initial scan

After your computer has restarted, Microsoft Security Essentials will do an initial scan which will take several minutes. During the scan your wifi and network connections may work intermittently.

Uninstall McAfee

Instructions for Uninstalling McAfee on Windows 7

IT Services are no longer supporting McAfee antivirus, and we recommend that you uninstall it and use the free Microsoft Security Essentials, installation instructions in the above tab.

1 Screen image: Uninstall or change a program.

Open Control Panel

Click the Windows Start button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and click Control Panel.

In Control Panel ensure that View by is set to Category.

2 Screen image: Uninstall or change a program.

Uninstall McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

Under Programs select Uninstall a Program.

Select McAfee VirusScan Enterprise in the list, and click Uninstall.

3 Screen images: Are you sure ...?


You will be asked to confirm that you wish to uninstall McAfee VirusScan Enterprise. Click Yes.


Confirm again and Restart

You should see a Preparing to remove... dialogue.

On the next screen asking "Are you sure you want to make these changes" clickYes. The windows installer will now remove McAfee.

Restart your computer once the uninstallation is complete. 

5 Screen image: Programs with McAfee Agent selected.

Repeat for other McAfee programs

Repeat steps 1 and 2 and locate and select any other program associated with McAfee (such as McAfee Agent, McAfee Security Scan Plus, and McAfee Site Advisor); click Uninstall to remove. Repeat until all McAfee programs are removed.



Restart your computer.

Mac OS X Sophos Install

OS X Sophos AntiVirus Installation


Download Sophos from the link below

Click here to go to the Sophos site, click Get Started and follow the steps to register and download the installer


Open downloaded file. Bring new window to front.

Open your Downloads folder. Your browser may have unzipped the download automatically, if not then double click on the zip file (normally called


Open Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edit

Go into the "savosx_he_r" folder and double click on Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edit


Completing Install:

Follow the prompts to install Sophos Anti-Virus


Auto Update and Activation

Once Sophos has installed it will automatically update and then activate the On Access scanner automatically. You can control Sophos by clicking on the shield icon in the menu bar.