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Restoring Your Contacts

Please follow the Backup from Google instructions, and ensure you have extracted all the files from the downloaded .zip Google Takeout archive folder BEFORE attempting to restore your contacts.

There is also a printable PDF version if you prefer to work from a paper copy.

Please note - you can only restore your contacts once you have access to your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook account, and the instructions outline the process using a PC or Laptop.

Step 1

Log in to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook using your Loughborough credentials at

Step 2

Go to People (tile)

Step 3

Click Manage,

and select Import Contacts

Step 4

Click Browse, and locate the .csv file inside the Contacts folder in the Takeout archive

Locate where you saved the archive you downloaded from Google Takeout, ensuring you have extracted all the files from the .zip folder


Step 6

Select All Contacts.csv to import all your contacts.

Alternatively, select the appropriate folder if you wish to import only certain contacts.

Step 7

Click Upload, and wait for your contacts to import.

Once the import is complete, check that all your contacts have been restored.

Your contacts are now ready to use in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook