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Importing Your Google Drive Files into OneDrive for Business

Please follow the instructions to Backup data from Google before uploading the files, as the Google Takeout process will convert all your Google Docs/Sheets into Microsoft Office equivalents so that you are not required to access Google to view/edit files.

Ensure you have extracted all the files from the downloaded .zip folder so that you are able to access the files to upload.

A printable PDF version of the instructions is available below, if you prefer to work from a paper copy. 

Please note - transferring a lot of data into OneDrive will be noticeably faster when you are on the Loughborough Campus and will avoid any issues with using the VPN or home broadband.


Log into Microsoft Office 365 Outlook using your Loughborough credentials at

Step 2

Go to OneDrive (tile)

A new tab will open

Step 3

Click Upload

and Choose either Files or Folder

*To upload all Google Drive files into OneDrive at once - select Folder

Step 4

A new window will pop-up

Locate the extracted  files from the downloaded Google Takeout archive, and select the Drive folder to upload all files/folders inside

*alternatively - select the individual files or folders you would like to upload

Step 5

Once they have uploaded - check the folder in OneDrive to ensure all your files have been copied

Step 6

If you would like to move your files to another folder, or see them in the main menu: 

Right-click on the folder and select Move to - a pane will pop-up.

Select the new folder, or if you want to move it to the main menu,

Click Your OneDrive

and then click Move Here