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Back up & Import Your Contacts

The following instructions apply ONLY to backing up contacts from your Loughborough Google account and importing them into Outlook people. For backing up other Google data visit: Back up Google data.

A printable PDF version is available below, if you prefer to work from a paper copy.

Please note - the instructions outline the process using a PC or Laptop. 

Step 1

Back up Contacts from Google Contacts

As your Loughborough Gmail account has now been suspended, you will need to visit Google Contacts to access the contacts on your account via

Step 2

Log in using your Loughborough credentials

Step 3

Click More (at the top of the webpage),

and select Export... from the drop-down list

Step 4

In the new window:

Select All contacts,

Select Outlook CSV format,

ans click Export

Google will start converting your contacts into a .csv file

Step 5

Once contacts have been converted,

save the .csv file to a location of your choice, ensuring it is easily accessible

Step 6

Importing contacts into Office 365 Outlook

Open a new window/tab and log in to Office 365 Outlook using your Loughborough credentials via

Step 7

Go to People (tile)

Step 8

Click Manage,

and select Import Contacts

Step 9

In the Imports pane,

select Gmail

Step 10

Click Browse,

and locate/select the contacts.csv file you previously saved

Step 11

Click Upload, and wait for your contacts to import.

Once the import is complete, check that all your contacts have been restored.

Your contacts are now ready to use in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook